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Provincetown :: Sunday, April 23rd 2017

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What's going on . . .

February 28th, 2012

Winter this year has almost passed us die hard “P- Townies” by. Global warming? Let us leave that debate for a while. This has been good news for those who are working on a certain house in the East End of town on Commercial Street. Recently I tooled over and had a chat with Peter to find out just exactly what was going on. I sure was surprised at what I found out. Shall I tell you?

This project is a brilliant example of the integration of the past into the present.

Well, Peter took me on a tour of the soon to be finished “Old Home” that he and Tom are renovating or should I say restoring - both actually! It was built somewhere in the mist of time, let us say in the early 1900s when Ambrose Webster painted and taught here. Then, it survived a succession of incarnations and ideas and owners . . . we all remember the “Old Flagship” restaurant fondly though it maybe gone; the “Old Dory” bar is still in place. Well, it will be in place once again when the former restaurant is turned into the lovely new/old home of two men who have taken this massive scheme in hand and are doing an amazing job of it!

Usually my reportage is about already established houses, but as I spied these goings on, it concerned me . . . so many things do change, and not always for the better in my opinion. This time, however, I am glad to report that’s not the case. On this blustery day, I tripped over piles of old, very old floorboards, which have been removed and will be replaced into new configurations . . . I realized just how many ways this house was being conserved rather than preserved or renovated. As we rambled around the place, Dash the dog nosed his way through piles of material looking for a lost ball, names of great artists who lived and worked and taught here, like Charles Hawthorne, Max Bohm and William F. Boogar were bandied about. Each beam was glistening in the sunlight and showing its patina and history . . . this place truly is alive with the sprit of Art and Life in Provincetown these past few hundred years.

This project is a brilliant example of the integration of the past into the present. It may spearhead new ideas as to the development of old spaces into new viable uses, respecting their past, enhancing the present and ensuring the future. One day soon, I shall go, cap in hand, and gladly report on the end results of this wonderful project, and as always keep you well informed.

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