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Gay Historical Moments: A Gay Trip Around the World

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Tel: 1 (508) 487-7097
356 Commercial St. | Provincetown Public Library | Provincetown

Jun 18th, 2015 at 6PM
The tour industry, travel guides, history books: all of them mostly ignore gay history. But monuments and artworks that speak of gay history are all around us, especially in some of the major cities that people travel to most: New York, London, Paris, Rome, among others. In this talk, Professor Lear will show us a selection of places and objects that reveal the same-sex past. These will include well-known ones, such as Donatello's David—the first male nude of the Renaissance, and a shockingly homoerotic reimagining of a Biblical hero— and ones people generally don't know about or visit, such as the Lion Monument of Chaironeia, in Boeotia, Greece—where the Sacred Band is buried.

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