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Bear Week @ the Monkey Bar

Tel: 1 (508) 487-2879
149 Commercial ST. | Monkey Bar | Provincetown

every day of each week from Jul 11th through Jul 20th at 7PM
7/11 Bears at large, What's your Leather? 7/12 Rugby Burly Bears, Rough and rugged. 7/13 Bears Gone Wild, Lots of fur. 7/14 Bear Cruise, On Land no need to sail. 7/15 Bears Gone Country, Save a horse ride a bear. 7/16 Growlr Nite, Come and mingle. 7/17 Cub Cake Bearlicious Nite, Free Cub Cakes. 7/18 Pre Fireman's Ball, Who's the hotter fireman. 7/19 Locker Room Nite, show us your Jock. 7/20 Bon Voyage Party.

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