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Provincetown :: Sunday, April 23rd 2017

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Gallery Crawling - Part One

Notes from Land's End: May 29

May 29th, 2012

In my twenty year love affair with Provincetown, the sheer number of galleries has tripled. While the colony has always been important to artists, it now also draws an international group of collectors, students and gallery directors. A crawl from Bangs Street to Johnson Street on Commercial unearthed some artistic treasures and exciting news about local icons.

While the colony has always been important to artists, it now also draws an international group of collectors, students and gallery directors.

At Julie Heller East (465), Jill Jensen’s vibrantly abstracted “Rimmed Vases”, stands out as a part of Heller’s roster of contemporary painters. She is in good company next to still life mixed media works by Agnes Weinrich and white line prints by Blanche Lazell.

Albert Merola (424), the former UFO Gallery, shows two astonishing men: John Waters and Frank Yamrus. Both artists have homes in Provincetown and are also widely shown in New York. As announced in Dave Iszkoff’s New York Times article, 5/27/2012 “John Waters Tries Some Desperate Living on a Cross-Country Hitchhiking Space Odyssey”, the auteur, actor and provocateur will write “Carsick” about his recent solo hitch from Baltimore to San Francisco over the course of this summer.

At Albert Merola are copies of Water’s critically acclaimed memoir “Role Models” ($25.00), a book as unique as the HAIRSPRAY creator himself.

FLOAT is an image that sticks in your head - a man suspends himself in a pool dressed in work attire, complete with a tie and glasses, questioning how we see both water and men. The gorgeous composition is a part of Yamrus’ photographic book “I Feel Lucky” ($35.00) about the passage of turning fifty.

411 Studio and Gallery had a crowd around the Memorial Mandala, an annual creation by Kimberly Carmody based on the Tibetan principles of impermanence. People were using recycled objects to create petals of remembrance to loved ones. Alongside the floor-sized installation were figurative sculptures made of repurposed material by native constructionist D. Edwards, son of Donald and Barbara Edwards. Reminiscent of tribal totems, the wired figures with metallic interiors have a mystical quality.

Realism melds with impressionism at Egeli Gallery (382). Artist John Clayton was on hand to show me a sweeping work, “High Head Afternoon”. His mastery of pure color within an impressionistic landscape is clear in this exciting painting.

Property + Art + Design + Home are the four sacred cornerstones of DwellCoastal, a unique gallery and brokerage. On view are the absolutely lovely encaustic images by Deborah Kerr. These small squares speak volumes. Kerr touches upon familiar subjects - boats, fish and abstractions - in a very fresh way.

Provincetown’s art scene is thriving. Come see!

“Notes from Lands End”, by artistic bon vivant Laura Shabott, is a weekly account of the people, places and events that make our town so special.

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