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Provincetown :: Sunday, April 23rd 2017

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Yoga for Every Body

Notes from Land's End: Jan. 17

January 17th, 2012

What is Yoga? Is it an exercise program, a lifestyle or a philosophy? All of the above! Advocates say that if you participate in this Far Eastern form of stretching, breathing and strength building, you will feel fabulous, ageless and flexible.

Planning to visit Provincetown this summer and into yoga? There’s a surprising range of styles and settings on the Outer Cape, so that you can continue your practice.

Planning to visit Provincetown this summer and into yoga? There’s a surprising range of styles and settings on the Outer Cape, so that you can continue your practice.

Nestled off Race Point Road, Yoga East is a lovely and tranquil space for classes. Studio Owner Jerry (Geraldine) Anathan, a former Type-A Careerist, says that yoga allows her to “acknowledge the past and leave it there (not so easy!), find warmth, strength and compassion [in] this very second, and become energized by unpredictable adventures rolling forward.”

The ASTANGA PROJECT, available daily, uses a class style called Mysore. It states on their website that a “teacher is present to give help in the poses as needed, and to answer questions that may arise. A beginner can expect their first class to last about 20-30 minutes, [increasing in length over time].”

Replacing Portland bound Shoba Satya, let’s welcome Jennifer DiMeio as the new practitioner for Outer Cape Community Acupuncture, also at Yoga East. With its sliding scale of $20 to $40, this group setting makes these treatments affordable without losing their quality. DiMeio is highly trained, with multiple degrees in alternative therapies. Days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, Noon to Three. There is nothing like it.

Want more info? Go to this link for Yoga East.

I have been terrified to try BIKRAM YOGA, avoiding it for years. That was until two weeks ago when curiosity and a dear friend got me in the car and to the front door of Bikram Yoga Brewster.

As we arrive, there are over twenty people stripping down to cute swimsuit-like outfits.

OK, when in Rome . . . I enter the “hot room”, lay out my mat and towel, sip some bottled water and almost scream when I see myself in a room-sized mirror with a bathing suit on - in January. Ninety minutes and 26 postures later, it doesn’t matter what I look like anymore because I feel amazing.

Why the heat? Warming the muscles during these sequential postures increases the body’s oxygen flow and allows for deeper stretches and compressions while detoxifying the organs. Devotees of all ages, ranging from high school to retired, with bodies that might be flawless or healing from a major disease, flock to this studio. A wonderful owner and Bikram competitor, Ann Marie Paul loves introducing people to this remarkable form of yoga.

It’s always great to see a Provincetown native follow her calling. PHS grad Alicia Thomas was recently certified in KIND YOGA. Her vibrant personality and background in Pilates make her a natural! For more details, please click on these links to the Provincetown Gym or Seashore Point.

Christine Frisco has taught KRIPALU YOGA for 10 years on the Outer Cape. With a large and loyal following, her sessions are available privately, at the Provincetown Council on Aging and Mussel Beach.

Other instructors to note are Conny Hatch at Mussel Beach, Will Coons on the Boat Slip Resort Deck and Christel Pierron in many awesome locations.

Know of other opportunities in the Yogic Outer Cape community? Let us know on our FACEBOOK Page!

“Notes from Lands End”, by artistic bon vivant Laura Shabott, is a weekly account of the people, places and events that make our town so special.

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