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Provincetown :: Sunday, April 23rd 2017

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@home, Provincetown - Aerie

May 30th, 2011

This is the time of year when some of us who call Provincetown home begin to feel a bit overwhelmed by the frenetic energies that are soon to wash upon our shores. For awhile I have been trying to remember how my own life was 15 years ago. Living BIG! Working HARD! Stress levels up to the top of the barometer in NYC. I enjoyed every minute of it and it did have its rewards. But it also had to end. So now my mind and soul are free to live in paradise and I do, having come to appreciate the lovely aspects of this Shangri La found here at the tip of the Cape. For me this time of year can be a bit daunting, but I have realized the frenetic waves of energy do have a place in the spectrum of life here in Ptown. Nature and creativity abounds in many ways throughout the year and there is a certain tranquility of mind and spirit that is to be found even during debauched frivolity of summer. Those of us who are looking to reinvigorate our soul and relax our minds will always find a place for ourselves here at the wild tip of the Cape. Recently while ambling about the town, I was invited to take a peek under a historically peaked rooftop in the East End of town. What I found there was a rather stylish surprise.

We each of us are trying to find our own Shangri La . . . and Ptown, while a bit over loaded with all sorts of indulgences in the summer, is truly a lovely place to spend time and unwind and de-fragment from the busy world beyond this special place.

In what was once in my mind's eye a cramped and cobwebbed attic of a late Victorian house with a rolling front lawn and well groomed garden . . . a peaceful Aerie has been made. (Aerie; Med. Latin/French; A nest of a bird built on a cliff or high place. Any dwelling built on a high place. Yes, I Googled it!) The views from within the subtly colored walls are spectacular! Windows jutting in and out, above and below creating unusual vantage points both east and west, framing views painters would love to paint. It is within these monochromatic rooms that two creative professionals relax and unwind from the stresses of life beyond the Bourne bridge.

The space itself has been only slightly modified from its original 19th century design, once before the current scheme to accommodate a guest house which recently was converted to a series of private dwellings, and may I add beautifully so! The elegantly simple design of the rooms are complimented by amazing art painted right here in town, precisely placed to share the spotlight with those lovely window views. The style of the rooms is a simplified and very clean-lined almost modern . . . but there is a singular respect for the traditional that runs throughout the space. The choice of furniture and the way it is upholstered, using textures and colors restful to the eye and soothing to the touch, keeping a balance with the seashore environment that surrounds it.

The kitchen and dining room are true examples of how elegant rooms can be planned and executed with the precision of a master chef. It's obvious that, while restful, this space was also made to entertain with great panache. The unobstructed floor plan is underlined with an inky black polished floor, which seems to flow from the public space into the rather private bedrooms, clean-lined cocoons of restfulness. Sumptuous bedding and luxurious bathrooms are designed for the owners' restful comfort, while staying here in their lovely home . . . I think the fusion of old and new and light and color and, of course, the natural sensuality of this space is a great example of how life at the top can have its perks and its peaks . . . and that when one really seeks to find it one can find peace and tranquility among the midsummer madness to come.

We each of us are trying to find our own Shangri La . . . and Ptown, while a bit over loaded with all sorts of indulgences in the summer, is truly a lovely place to spend time and unwind and de-fragment from the busy world beyond this special place . . . And for those of us who do feel a bit anxious about the forthcoming summer tides . . . my buddy Bob the fisherman tells me: “tide comes in and it goes back out," which is just as it should be @ home, summertime in Provincetown.
Happy Summer…S

** If you would like to share a comment with me, or if you’d like to let me take a peek into your living space, please feel to contact me…SEBASTIAN@PROVINCETOWN.COM **


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