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Print Posted on 03/23/2017 in Category 1

Time to Put on the Lobster Bib

Time to Put on the Lobster Bib

It can be daunting when it’s staring at you with those beady little eyes, ensconced as it is in its bright red armor with jagged pincers seemingly ready to strike.

But, then, it is lying on a plate with melted butter, and it’s up to you to put two and two together. Lobster meat plus butter, after all, is akin to a culinary mandate, and a visit to Cape Cod would not be complete without at least one hands-on, bib-sporting crustacean feast.  

Before you can get to the butter-drenched meat, though, a few choices must be made.  Besides choosing the size – whether it be a pound or four – you can also often choose whether you’d like it boiled or pan roasted, stuffed or shelled.


And there are many Provincetown restaurants that stand at the ready to choose from as well.  The Lobster Pot, which is famous, offers the most extensive menu of lobster dishes, and other seafood fare.  But lobsters can be enjoyed at many other locations, including both traditional seaside shacks and fine dining restaurants all along Commercial Street.

After you find the right place for your feasting, prepare for a hard-fought heaven.  Lobster eating is as participatory as it gets.  The claws, known for their tender and delicious interiors, are easy fare, but once you’ve exhausted their stores, your taste buds will lead you searching for more.    

That’s when you’ll break into the tail, and discover you’re willing to navigate past interior organs to find its prizes.  In fact, you may find that even the little legs that line the creature’s sides are worth exploring, as they hold shreds of richness it would be a shame to leave behind.

Even if you’ve never eaten a lobster before, never fear.  Something primal will soon take over, and you’ll be cracking claws and ripping off tails with the best of them in no time.  This is a tradition, after all, for good reason.

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